Space Forge is transforming return from space to deliver revolutionary experiments and products, for the benefit of humanity.

Why Space?

The Challenges of Manufacturing on Earth


Gravity causes buoyancy which prevents perfect alloying in metals of different densities.


The dense, ambient atmosphere of Earth creates contamination in even the cleanest of processes.


From refrigerators to ovens, extremes of temperature are difficult to create and maintain.

The Benefits of Manufacturing in Space


The microgravity found in space unlocks new alloy combinations by preventing buoyancy and allows for larger, perfect crystal formation.


A 10 trillion times lower ambient pressure removes contamination issues and the need for multi-stage pumps with access to unlimited pumping speed.


Radiators facing cold space can freely produce temperature close to absolute zero for ultra-fast curing with no need for cryogenics.

The conditions found in Earth orbit are ideal for the manufacture of next generation products, from new alloys to superior crystal structures, all for benefit back on Earth.

What we do

We are developing a returnable manufacturing platform that uses the benefits of space to make new materials that are not possible on Earth.

Our revolutionary return technology reduces the cost of re-entry and enables satellites to be refurbished for the first time ever.

Space manufacture will deliver the next generation of products that are critical to a modern clean society.

These new super-materials will impact our lives by reducing energy loss and making vehicles lighter to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by a factor of three or more.

Our Partners

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