Our Team

Space Forge is built from a team of makers, united by our purpose in making Space work for Humanity. As a team we have built robots, discovered exoplanets, launched balloons into the stratosphere, piloted drones, and placed four technologies on orbit.

  • Andrew Bacon

    Co-Founder & CTO

    With over ten years in the UK space industry Andrew has designed and built dozens of space technologies including low flying satellites, Mars landing sensors, wireless power systems and launch vehicles. For five years he was head of innovation at Thales Alenia Space in the UK and was the 2010 Engineering graduate of the year.

  • Joshua Western

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Josh grew up with a passion for space and proudly has a piece of kapton foil from Apollo 11 on his desk. Before Space Forge, Josh worked across Thales Alenia Space and the UK Space Agency covering everything from business development to ensuring UK technologies were represented at the European Space Agency.

  • Florence Sherry

    Capture System Engineer

    Previous experience working in the area of space radiation shielding. Studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds, Robot Fighting League semi-finalist. Volunteers for the STEM educational charity Smallpiece. Member of the IMechE and Mensa.

  • Josip Andrasec

    Simulation Engineer

    MSc in Aerospace Engineering, specialized in Space Flight, with experience in satellite data analysis and payload development. He has been pushing the limits of designing airplane and rocket models since his early student years. Constantly curious about different fields of engineering simulations and software development.

  • Oliver Turner

    Prediction Software Engineer

    Oliver has always been passionate about space, science, sci-fi and fantasy. This led him to study physics and to do a PhD in astronomy. As a student and post-doc he helped to discover and characterise over 40 extra-solar planets. He has expertise writing code to automate data reduction and analysis, as well as aid target selection and observation.

  • Radu Tudorache

    Capture System Engineer

    Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Radu was passionate about physics and space from a young age. He came to the UK to study Spacecraft Engineering at the University of Southampton, graduating with an Meng in 2020 after designing a manned hexacopter based on drone technology. At Space Forge, he contributes his knowledge and skills to changing the world.

  • Mulham Terkaoui

    Payload Engineer

    Prior to joining Space Forge, Mulham obtained a Masters in spacecraft engineering from the University of Southampton. He delivered a variety of technical projects ranging from CubeSats to heavy lift drones. Mulham also worked as a project manager, developing and managing an online COVID-19 collaboration tool for the off-shore aviation industry.

  • Ana Paula Castro De Paula Nunes

    Heat Shield Engineer

    Ana is an Aerospace Engineer from Brazil with a Master’s degree in Space Law & Policy. She was always a curious kid, inspired by fiction novels and sci-fi and space movies. Ana has worked as an intern at the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and was part of a research field campaign as an analog astronaut. One of her areas of interest is the sustainability of space activities and how these technologies can improve life on Earth.

  • Jean-Claude Toussaint

    Programme Manager

    Jean-Claude started his career as a System Engineer with Roll-Royce UK before progressing as a programme manager both at Rolls-Royce and Raytheon. He has over 20 years experience in managing complex projects in the civil aero, defence and marine sectors covering the full product development lifecycle, from requirements capture through to the production of the solution.

Our Board

  • Ben Olivier

    Non-Executive Director

    Ben has 35 years of experience as an engineer, manager and CEO making significant contributions to ten world class space missions. After founding and then selling the SEA space business to Thales Alenia in 2014 he remained CEO until 2019, quadrupling the UK business. He is a member of the UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council and a senior leader at ArQit – the cyber, space and quantum pioneer.

  • Dr Rodger Sykes

    Non-Executive Director

    Rodger brings 35+ years multinational experience in technology industry. With CEO roles at picoChip, MMIC Solutions, Siconnect and currently Thalia-DA. He achieved a $47M IPO on Nasdaq at Logicvision. Prior to all of this he was a VP at Texas Instruments and Philips in USA.

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